It is said that 'Les bals des victimes', or 'The victims' balls', were soirees put on by dancing societies after the period known as the 'Reign of Terror' during the French Revolution.

The victim's ball

As the first solo Project from the twisted mind of Robert Massaglia of 'The Tenth Stage', 'The Victim's Ball' comes as dramatically fitting approach to the theme of the French Revolution. A mix of early classical music, dark cabaret and "Phantom of the Opera" epic scores, 'The Victim's Ball' explores in theatrical and yet "tongue and cheek' tones, the dark and hidden side of human history. Through tales of despair, horror and rebellion, you will take heed a rare mix of instruments from church organs to hurdy gurdys, in conjunction with guest collaborations from other sick minded artists.


Oct 2013

New release

The end of the year is approaching, and so is the new "The Victim's Ball" release, "Ephemeral".

Fresh from the factory, "Ephemeral", slightly detaches itself from our previous releases in terms of the overall instrumentation. Heavy dub style bass guitar riffs have been introduced, in conjunction with guitar, hurdy gurdy, lap dulcimer, medieval drums, and harpsichord. Also, a new instrument has been introduced in the album, the Waterphone. The Waterphone is a type of atonal acoustic musical instrument with a characteristic ethereal sound generally used in movie soundtracks.

Lyrics-wise, we used a mix of new lyrics and old nursery rhymes, following The Victim's Ball story telling tradition.

I hope you'll enjoy it!

A digital release can be also purchased from cdbaby.com, iTunes and Amazon stores.

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