"EPHEMERAL" Digipack

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Track Listing

01. Ephemeral Overture
02. Ophelia
03. The call of Black Mary
04. The unquiet grave
05. The secret door
06. The Conqueror Worm (by Edgar Allan Poe)
07. Eve
08. Calamitas Calamitatum (Milano 1630)
09. Melody (on the Sodomy Walk)
10. Lullaby for Lilith
11. The voyage of Dolly Branican
12. The secret door (Dreamed by Verney 1826)
13. The Conqueror Worm (Somnopolis remix by John von Ahlen)
14. The unquiet grave (Cold lips remix by D Foreman)


Music written and produced by Robert Massaglia

Lyrics by

Robert Massaglia, except:
'Eve' by Robert Massaglia
adapted for/by The Baroness
'The Conqueror Worm'
by Edgar Allan Poe
'The unquiet grave' by Unknown

reMixes by

Verney 1826
Dave Foreman
John Von Ahlen

Mixed by

Robert Massaglia


The Baroness
(courtesy of Opera Macabre)
Joanne Missen
Lilith Massaglia
Robert Massaglia

The Players

Master of Ceremonies:
Robert Massaglia
Hurdy Gurdy, Appalachian and Hammered Dulcimers: Joanne Missen, Robert Massaglia
Bass guitar, Guitar, Mandolin:
Robert Massaglia, Dave Foreman, Greg A Jones
Percussions: Ash Bauermeister
Waterphone: Robert Massaglia


Colson Hurdy Gurdy courtesy of Harry Wass at Medieval Instruments Tasmania
Aquitaine Hurdy Gurdy courtesy of George & Anwyn Leverett at www.altarwind.com

Photography by

Paul Allister

A digital release can be also purchased from cdbaby.com, iTunes and Amazon stores.