"Memoirs of a resurrectionist" vinyl & CD

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Track Listing

01. This is the tale of Jack Corben
02. Born by the candlelight
03. Jack of all trades
04. The Fortune of War
05. Here lies Jane Doyle (Jack's first)
06. Introducing Molly
07. Dear Molly (a love letter)
08. Burking
09. The Divine Judgment
10. Jack's farewell
11. Epilogue
On CD:
12.The Fortune of War –
(Reconstructed by Verney 1826)
13. Burking – remix by Dave Foreman


Mixed by

Robert Massaglia

Mastered by

Adam Calaitzis at Toyland recording studio, Melbourne


Joanne Missen
The Baroness
Tim Harris

The Players

Master of Ceremonies: Robert Massaglia
Hurdy Gurdy, Appalachian and Hammered Dulcimers:
Robert Massaglia, Joanne Missen
Percussions: Ash Bauermeister


Colson Hurdy Gurdy and Hammered dulcimer courtesy of Harry Wass at Medieval Instruments Tasmania


memoirs album details

The Victim's Ball has created its first 12" LP. The 12" is limited to 300 copies and has been produced on three different colours: yellow, green, and red. The package also includes an A2 Poster, and a factory-pressed CD containing all of the LP tracks and two extra remixes by Verney 1826 and Dave Foreman.

"This is the tale of Jack Corbin. Few called him a master, too many called him a thief and yet he was undoubtedly the best grave robber in the country...."

The release of the next installment of the "The Victim's Ball" project, "Memoirs of a Resurrectionist" continues a fascinating exploration of the darker side of history. Following from the last album "Romanzo Gotico" which led listeners through a journey in "Dark Romanticism", this album is firmly set on a similar route.  This time the listener is faced with a Gothic play/album set during the early Victorian age, introducing the hero of our story – Jack Corben, a romantic grave robber eloquently sketched through a sequence of songs and spoken word which slowly unravels his tragic tale.

Growing up as an orphan in the Dickensian streets of London, Jack ventures into the turbid and lucrative world of body snatching at the tender age of seventeen. He soon discovers his gift of a cunning and meticulous mind which leads Jack quickly to the top of the food chain; stealing bodies in copious quantities, then trading them to medical students and hospitals.

However, as fate dictates, our hero risks everything for the love of a woman. As Jack plots one last job in his barely legal trade to seal his future with his loved one, the hand of fate still holds a few surprises...

A digital release can be also purchased from cdbaby.com, iTunes and Amazon stores.