"Some things are best left alone" CD

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Track Listing

02. The maid from perryville
03. Under siege
04. 777
05. another life
06. rise again
07. shot on bush road
08. no xmas this year
09. Some things are best left alone
10. I am legion

The Players

Ash Bauermeister: Percussions
Chris McCarter: Acoustic guitar
Greg Jones: Guitar
Joanna Butler: Violin
Joanne Missen: Vocals
Neil Sims: Solo guitar
Roberto Massaglia: Vocals, Hurdy Gurdy, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Appalachian dulcimer

Music and lyrics by Roberto Massaglia except: "The Maid from Peryville" by Massaglia/McCarter and "Under siege" by Massaglia/Jones

Mastered by Adam Calaitzis at Toyland Studio