"The Victim's Ball" CD

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Track Listing

01. The Victim's Ball
02. Hand of Glory
03. What's that sound?
04. The Incorruptible
05. Oh Leigh
06. The Green Fairy
07. The tale of Solomon Kane
08. Rosamunda (572AD)
09. The shroud eater
10. Interlude
11. London after midnight

Mixed By

Dave Foreman and Robert Massaglia at Tankt Studios

Mastered by

David Walker at Stepford Audio, Melbourne


The Baroness (courtesy of 'Opera Macabre') on 'Interlude' and 'Rosamunda';
Joanne Missen on 'The Incorruptible' and 'The shroud eater';
Kylie Crane (courtesy of 'Friends of Alice Ivy') on 'Oh Leigh'

The Players

Master of Ceremonies: Robert Massaglia
Hurdy Gurdy partition/execution on 'Hand of Glory': Harry Wass


Colson Hurdy Gurdy and Hammered dulcimer courtesy of Harry Wass at Medieval Instruments Tasmania

A digital release can be also purchased from cdbaby.com, iTunes and Amazon stores.