"The Victim's Ball & IKON" Split 12" Vinyl

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Track Listing

The Victim's Ball
01. Les Incroyables
02. Miserere
03. Tom Rakewell
(Dave Foreman remix)

01. Broken windows (to the soul)
02. Disenchanted lullaby
03. God Has Fallen from the Sky (remix)

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The Victim's Ball has created its first 12" EP in conjunction with legendary Australian act IKON
The split vinyl EP includes two previously unreleased tracks from each band.

The Victim's Ball: Les Incroyables, Miserere, and a remix of Dave Foreman of the track Tom Rakewell
IKON: tracks from the Love, Hate and Sorrow album sessions and an exclusive remix of 'God Has Fallen from the Sky'

The 12" is limited to 300 copies and has been produced on four different colours: yellow, green, blue and red. It is also available on the IKON website.