"La Chimera" Digipack

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Track Listing

01. La Chimera
02. E F Vidocq
03. Epitaph
04. A man of words
05. Elysian dreams
06. penitent dance
07. the devil in the belfry
08. DElle crociate
09. hermetic dreams
10. the flight of icarus
11. The flight of Icarus (Schattenspiel vs. Verney 1826 Remix)
12. Epitaph in memoriam (Dave Foreman Remix)

"Artistic integrity and real passion are the primary forces behind '
The Victim’s Ball' music project. A quality driven project in which
'La Chimera' finds its roots as one of the most convincing and
fascinating renditions of today’s Dark/Gothic sound.

Roberto Filippozzi
Darkroom magazine


written and produced by Robert Massaglia

Lyrics by

Robert Massaglia, except:
'A man of words'' by Unknown

Mixed by

Robert Massaglia @ Tankt studios

Mastered by

Adam Calaitzis @ Toyland studio

The Players

Master of Ceremonies:
Robert Massaglia

Vocals: The Baroness (courtesy of Opera Macabre), Joanne Missen
Robert Massaglia

Hurdy Gurdy, Appalachian and Hammered Dulcimers: Joanne Missen, Robert Massaglia

Bass guitar, Guitar, Mandolin:
Robert Massaglia, Dave Foreman, Greg A Jones

Percussions: Peter Doumtis and Ash Bauermeister

Photography by

Adam Verspaget

Vincenzo Scardapane

Epitaph Video production by


Fabrizio Trigari: director/d.o.p.
Vincenzo Scardapane: executive producer
Erika Di Gregorio: production assistant

Michele Di Totto: actor
Annalisa Odoguardi: actor

Bricious Trigari: focus puller
Julien Alborghetti: gaffer/grip
Erika Di Gregorio: make up artist
Bricious Trigari: set designer
Julien Alborghetti: runner

Charlotte Trigari: editor
Fabrizio Trigari: CGI fx and post production

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